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Hanging Toiletry Organizer - Bone
Cat. No 0
Price 120.00 PLN
Perfect for pets and people! Durable Hanging Toiletry Organizer makes it easy to manage grooming & toiletry essentials at home or on the road. Clear waterproof vinyl interior with zippered pockets & side compartments, along with elastic holders, help keep items securely in place while allowing easy access.
Included are two hangers: a hook hanger and a specially designed clip that allows you to attach the organizer to all pop-up shelters (see photo). Exhibitors using any size Pop-up Shelter can secure the organizer to the top of the shelter with the clip-on hanger. Adjust strap length until the bottom of the organizer rests on the table, allowing grooming products to be ready for use.
Waterproof, clear vinyl interior
2 zippered pockets
2 side pouches
Multiple elastic holders
Hook and clip on hangers
Dual zipper opening
Reinforced side handle


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